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You should see a small pair of binoculars with the word Find next to it. Click on the small, down-pointing arrow to open up a drop-down menu. Don’t click Find, because this will only trigger the Find function. A lot of people have been having the problem of deleting a page in microsoft word so this video will show you how to successfully do that on any operating sy Quick steps about How to delete a page from a Microsoft® Word 2007 document.----- Delete page in Word: Get rid of an unwanted/ blank page from the middle of your word file or at the end of the document, with these easy steps. The blank pages in MS Word file can make you look a bit unprofessional or give you a headache while taking the print outs. Method 2: Delete the page using the Navigation Pane.

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A  If the page you want to delete is not empty and you already navigated to it using navigation pane then just select page content using your mouse or keyboard and   While understanding the method to remove balank page in Word, you can also organize the pages in PDF. In genral, PDF file cannot be edited, but with the help of  Deleting a manual page break · If necessary, click the Home tab and then click Show/Hide ¶. · Double-click the break to select it or drag over it. · Press Backspace or  Way 1: Delete extra blank page with Backspace. If your unwanted blank page is at the end of your document, go to the end of the document by pressing Ctrl+End   30 Jan 2017 Next Page, Odd Page and Even Page section breaks may create a new page in Word. If your empty page occurs at the end of your document and  17 Feb 2021 How to delete blank page in Microsoft Word · 1. Place your cursor anywhere on the page of content that you want to delete.

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2020 — I wanted to start fresh with the site I'm making, so i thought i found a solution by deleting the site but I realise I can't use the same domain again. View, rearrange and delete pages.

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Helpful Tip: You may well be using Odd Page breaks intentionally and want to be able to see the blank pages that Word inserts. These pages are never displayed in Print Layout view, but you can see them in Print Preview if you have more than one page displayed. The problem is that Word shows pages 1 and 2, then 3 and 4, and so on. 2020-11-18 · It’s not that tricky to delete a page or even whitespace in Word, but it seems to cause a fair amount of problems, especially if you have a table or an image that doesn’t fit at the end of a page. It could deleted empty pages, depending on how things are formatted, but it might be wise to rename the Function and comment how it's supposed to work. So more like this: Public Function DeleteBlankPages(wd As Word.Document) Dim par As Paragraph For Each par In wd.Paragraphs If Len(par.Range.Text) <= 1 Then par.Range.Delete End If Next par End Function Method 1: Delete a Page in Word with Backspace. It is the most common method used to delete a page in word with Backspace.

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· 2. On the Home tab, in  8 May 2019 Learn how to delete pages in word by spotting page breaks, using the backspace key, correcting layout inconsistencies and enabling the  15 Sep 2017 To get rid of it, click with your mouse at the end of the document and press backspace key as long as the blank page doesn't disappear. All you need to do is specify page numbers to delete and click the button. Alternatively, you have an option to remove blank pages from a DOCX document. As a  23 Apr 2018 Press Ctrl + End to move the Word cursor to the very end of the document then press Backspace to remove unwanted and unseen characters  27 Sep 2013 How to Delete a Range of Pages in Word · Click F5 to display the Go To tab of the Find and Replace Dialog box.
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Click on the Home tab on the menu bar on top to change the ribbon.

Then type \page in the pop-up window. Next, click Go To and then Close.
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Click on the Show/Hide ¶ button to have Word display all the paragraph symbols and other formatting symbols in the document. Navigate to the page you want to delete.

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· Press Backspace or  Way 1: Delete extra blank page with Backspace.